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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 4, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> a day of mourning when hundreds more remain missing. a standoff at cali - migrants from syria are refusing to budge after taking part of a ferry terminal in northern france. and d-day for former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi could lose his seat in the senate following years of corruption and scandal. those are the latest news headlines this friday. a day of national mourning has been declared in italy for the migrants killed traveling to the
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island from north africa. at least 130 people died when their boat capsized but 200 more are still missing. the incident has put european immigration regulations in the spotlight with a chorus of calls to open more legal ways to come to europe. this is not the first migrant disaster in recent years. >> scenes like this have become commonplace in southern europe particularly on the italian coast. 25,000 refugees are thought to have drowned in the mediterranean and the last 20 years. 2000 died in 2011 and 1700 last year. a report released finds that italy must do more to tackle the worsening situation. the italian ministers have emphasized that this is the gateway to europe, not just to italy calling for europe to shoulder responsibility. >> we are baffling and europe to obtain maritime patrol for our coasts.
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this is a border of europe thanks to the program. >> frontex is the agency in charge of internal border security. a new surveillance agency is due to begin in september. it aims to pull information on boats carrying illegal migrants by trafficking networks and help save refugees in distress. the un special reporter said by closing their borders, european countries play into the hands of human traffickers. he says the solution lies in opening channels for legal immigration. >> we have to make sure that we open more legal ways to come to europe. we have to make sure that we cooperate in order to have this possibility framed into precise and strict conditions. >> for now, there is no mechanism in place to share the
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refugees among the eu's 28 members. >> meanwhile, pope francis has declared this a day of tears for those who were shipwrecked off the island prayed he is on a pilgrimage in sec in italy, the home of his namesake. he said the world did not care about the many people fleeing say a day of tears for those who were blurry -- fleeing savory -- fleeing slavery. they are at a standoff cali hopes of meeting the united kingdom. 20 of them are on hunger strike at the group has been offered asylum and cannot accept the help because of the way they have been cured for so far. the migrants said they have been treated worse than animals. i am joined by the director of
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doctors of the world. the migrants say they are not being treated very well. what are your people on the ground telling you? >> for the 60 people, part of them are here for a few weeks or a few days and we are trying to and there is no concrete place for them proposed by the authorities and they are fed up with the way they are treated by the french authority in this condition. they really want to reach england because they think they will be more well treated and have more chance to get asylum papers. we try to support them by the medical and logistic programs with the organization. in the beginning of september, we called the french president to say that friends should
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improve -- that france should improve help for people who leave the country because of the war. we are not enough involved in this issue in france. we have to improve our capacity to accept them here in france. we think we should help them to ask for asylum papers here in france. >> but they will not accept that because they have family or contacts that speak english and that's why they want to move to the uk. >> they prefer reaching england because they more speak english. the fact is, they are not aware about their rights in france. they are not well treated here in france and they prefer england. we have to improve the way to be accepted here in france and improve the capacity to get
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their papers and why not let them reach england if they want to. >> thank you very much. if you'd like more on that story, you can check at our website, go to france over the course of the last 20 years, former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi has always remained at the heart of his country's political landscape. until now. this friday, senate panel could recommend stripping him of his [no audio] . >> outfoxed come out of luck, and now almost out of time. his bad week is set to get worse today after a rebellion within his own party forced a vote of confidence for the present government and a senate committee will decide whether berlusconi should be kicked out
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of politics for good. >> this might be really the beginning of the end for berlusconi, might be because one must always be very careful. >> the odds are most certainly not in his favor. the senate panel meeting today are expected to recommend that he has to go. >> the sentence condemning berlusconi for fraud is a verdict handed down by judges. it is a final word and parliament now needs to implement the law which gets people sentenced in court and he should be expelled. >> his four years prison sentence for tax fraud means he could be hard for politics from six years and he is appealing his seven-year sentence on a conviction of paying a minor for sex and forcing public officials to cover it up. that sentence is confirmed and carries a lifetime political bent. either way, his future does not
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look good and supporters are still unwilling to write him off. >> if his house holds up, he will never reach end. he is a leader with a 20 year political career and 40 years as an entrepreneur. people like him. >> today's committee decision will be voted on in the senate in two weeks time. >> barack o, is canceling his trip to asia to stay in washington and focuses efforts on putting an end end to the federal government shut down. it has been for days now since congress failed to agree on a spending budget and was forced to club downs -- to close down certain departments. >> no change to the political deadlock -- after u.s. government shutdown continues. heated words and finger- pointing. during a speech in maryland, president rock obama ordered an end to the shutdown blaming the republicans. >> the only thing that's preventing all that from
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happening right now today in the next five minutes is that speaker john boehner won't even let the bill get a yes or no vote. that's because he does not want to anger the extremists in his party. >> the republican house speaker criticized what he called obama's my way or the highway approach. other policy >> members hit back. the president's refusal to work in a bipartisan way has led us to this shutdown. it is time for the president and senate democrats to put partisanship aside and sit down at a table so we can work out our differences. >> thursdays bickering comes a day after talks between obama and congressional leaders that yielded no progress. with fears the shutdown could drag into a second week, that sparked talk of catastrophic consequences. if the debt ceiling is not raised before october 17, the country could default for the first time in history.
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potential disaster for the global economy but the u.s. treasury warns of a recession worse than the economic crisis in 2008. meanwhile, some domestic papers have been released showing a car chase in central washington that forced the closure of the capital. gunshots were fired after a female driver apparently tried to cross security barricades at capitol hill in her car. this is the second major security breach in the last three weeks. french president françois holland has paid homage to veterans and followed soldiers that freed corsica from nazi occupation years ago. this has paid an unusual tribute to moroccan veterans who helped liberate the island of corsica. >> here in casablanca northwest morocco, is a soldier and a survivor.
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the 98-year-old is one that the last surviving of the troops who fought for france in the two world wars. >> metals are all that man has to remember years of military service, the last traces of avery in combat. -- of bravery in combat. >> those who got metals were good men and those who didn't were not good soldiers. i got these during the war. if i had not been courageous they would not have given me any. >> the liberation of france at the end of two was also a big heart of moroccan history. this band played a key role in the corsican campaign. in three weeks, they overcame for german regiments. there is little bargaining value for that nasty so if captured they were executed on this.
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despite suffering casualties, it was not until recently that the veterans received pensions equal to european soldiers. >> only around two percent of them were still living. in moral terms, yes, it is good but the majority suffered until they'd died in poverty. >> his experiences started with a french high school in casablanca. >> when this history was taught, we found there were moroccans and other nationalities who also fought in the world war. it allowed us to deepen our understanding. i find it interesting because it concerns us. >> a memory reserved for future generations -- 70 years on, the moroccan gumier have found recognition in the pages of history. >> finally, there is a working
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group to switch the dates of the 2022 world cup to avoid the hot summer months. a final decision should not be expected until 2015. the association has been under pressure to deal with the issue but also with demands for action over claims that qatar is exploiting market workers. migrant workers. >> it's a common occurrence for a french man to read and the championship -- to win the championship. the last remaining rivals failed to snatch a win on the opening day of the rally of france meaning of first world title for the volkswagen driver, ogier. on her estate, -- on thursday, they had a clash. shortly before halftime on the
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there was a point that was saved for the french side. >>and the other match, the croatian side played to a 1-1 draw. they led the group at four points in two games. bordeaux tumbled to defeat. the visitors equalize that 90 minutes to go. they got 3.8 minutes later. -- three points, eight minutes later. there were no points in two games. frankfurt printers -- produced their first no-win.
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there was a victory at angie. north london has wrapped up a comfortable win. >> it was very good. we were more in control. it is tricky because angie looks to be countering -- threatening on the counterattack. for what we did in the first half, we had good results. >> the french manager has called up for familiar faces for their two matches in tober. -- in october. france will play australia on
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october 11 before finland comes four days later for a crucial world cup qualifier. >> he came back to competition yesterday. he did not play a lot but when you look at what he has achieved with us, i applaud him. for me, he was very important for the french team. he must be very important for the future of the national site. >> he has had a strong start to the season scoring five goals. >>a lot of goals were there but not recently that he scored twice during his first champion
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chip match. i think they should be able to bring their best form to complement or complicate my choice. i prefer that. i would rather have a selection headache. i prefer my players are competitive with their clubs. it's the best thing that can possibly happen. to a national side. french led spain only on difference. they are resigned to taking part in a two legged playoff in december. league leaders welcomed other players saturday. claudia renier played. he wants a stronger performance against levail saturday.
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>> i want my team to be more compact because that's how you play football. on saturday, we are up against a very good team and pass the ball extremely well and are dangerous on the wicks. they have a lot of talented players who can run with the ball and who are very quick. it will be very important to my team to remain focused and remain compact. >> monaco is looking to restore it three-point lead before they go to marseille on sunday. >> today, the f the a's shuts
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down a marketplace where illegal products are sold. the u.s. federal shutdown has inspired online comedians. the skeleton pops out for a hamburger. there are all sorts of jobs being sold. -- drugs being sold. illegal products and criminal activities have reportedly generated sales of over $1.2 billion on a website. it was shut down by the fbi on wednesday. the u.s. authorities have announced the arrest of a suspected operator of the platform in san francisco. investigators reportedly closed in on the 29-year-old suspect while piecing together his digital footprint. he has been charged with narcotics trafficking
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conspiracy computer hacking, and money laundering. he is thought to be the mastermind behind the website which is called the ebay for drugs. he had a system for buyers and sellers to rate products. great care was taken to protect his identity. the website was accessed by an encryption program and transactions were conducted using online currency called bit coy's. --coins. the fbi seized over $3.6 million worth of bit coins. its value dropped by over 20% after the story was publicized in the media. the u.s. is in the midst of a partial government shutdown because republicans and democrats are unable to reach an agreement on a funding bill.
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over 800,000 federal workers have been forced to take leave. comedians have brought a touch of humor. they have been posting on twitter. there were countless messages in which senators and members of the house of representatives were stark cap strictly compared to squabbling children. others have taken a somewhat wackier approach. they say they are no longer wearing trousers and are urging citizens to do the same until they reach an agreement. social networks have been
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producing creations like this one. an article in london this arrived ed milleband as a marxist who hated his country. they came up with all sorts of weird and wacky reasons why there'd had hated britain, two. right -- why there dad hated britain, too. there is a work of a programmer that developed an application that brings together all the individual row file images of
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facebook and their names. it is dated in real time. >> i'm going to make the skeleton go through some drive through's. >> workers are used to serving people but in this hidden camera prank, they are not expecting a skeleton to come by the drive- through. you can check out the video in its entirety on the youtube channel. >> the ancient ruins of sireen have been in libya for over 2000
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years. it is a world heritage site that has been up source of pride for the region. however, the people who live in the area know that the green mountains have recently been disturbed. parts of the acropolis were destroyed. a local archaeology professor says this activity is nothing short of a disaster. >> only a month ago, they were the most dutiful green rolling tombs on both sides and were destroyed to build houses. the government has been unable to stop this destruction has not been able to respond to what has been going on. >> some say it is a practical matter. this land belongs to his family but he was unable to access it under qaddafi and now he can. he felt there was no alternative and had to build their. >> our children have not got homes of their own. after the revolution of the 17th
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of february, we got our land back and cleared it to provide land for sons who did not have houses. we have not got anything against the historic area. it's not like we don't care about history. >> at the museum of antiquities, some of the statues reveal the potential danger of what could be lost. >> the cemetery is one of the biggest of the ancient world. it is sadly being destroyed as a result of people's ignorance people who put self-interest above respecting the heritage and culture of the nation. it is a crime against history that we have repercussions for future generations. >> this is all that is left of tombs that go back to the sixth century bc they are desperate for the government to act.
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>> we are not denying anyone from selling their land and property but what's denying them from buying the land from the people? they should buy the land rather than the citizens buying them. >> although it's a protected area, unless they are offered alternative land to build on, it is not a deterrent. unesco has condemned building on harwich harwich at stites and stands with the libyan ministry of culture to provide support where it is needed. the damage is already done. >> these sites have stood for 2700 years. they have survived the ottomans the italians, the qaddafi years and this is unbelievable. >> people continue their efforts to publicized threat to the site, the government has not responded to the recent instruction of the tombs.
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there is growing
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